We couldn’t be more excited to share our newest addition to our deli – a brand new, cold-pressed juicer! Our GoodNature juicer is one green, juice making machine. Why are we so pumped? Well first, let’s talk a little more about the 'how-it-works' of both cold-pressed and centrifugal juicing.

Centrifugal juicing extracts juice from rapidly spinning the pulp around, using centrifugal force. Then, as the fruit or veggies are pushed through the juicer, all of the juice is strained through a mesh chamber. On the other hand, cold-pressed juicing uses a masticating process to separate the juice from fruits and veggies. This involves a screw auger that squeezes and crushes the produce to get juice.

Centrifugal and cold-pressed juicing have their own benefits, and depending on what your juicing/what you're using the juice for, one may be better than the other. And we still love our centrifugal juicer, and will continue to use it, but we also are excited to use a cold-pressed juicer for some of the beneficial differences it has compared to centrifugal juicing. So let's read about some of those differences between cold-pressed and centrifugal juicing:


Separation - The most noticeable benefit from cold-pressed juice in contrast to centrifugal juicing is how the juice separates. With centrifugal juicing, oxidation and heat causes the juice to separate naturally, sometimes within the first few minutes. By contrast, cold-pressed juice does not rely on heat and minimizes the amount of oxidation. This means that the juice won’t separate as much, giving you smooth and happy juice to enjoy.

Shelf life & nutrients – Not only is the shelf life of cold-pressed juice longer than centrifugal juice, but you also get more nutrients from cold-pressed juice. Because there in minimal heat applied during the extraction process, valuable enzymes and vitamins are retained that are not as present in centrifugal juices.

Texture – Due to the differences in procedures, the texture from centrifugal juice will be much more pulpy and inconsistent compared to cold-pressed juice. Cold-pressed juice will have a more crisp, clean and consistent flavor profile.

Yield – Cold-pressed juicing can extract 20 – 30 percent more juice from the same fruits and veggies. This is great in minimizing waste.

You can now find fresh cold-pressed juices at the store! Make sure to stop by and ask about them: and leave a comment to let us know what you think of them!