Kombucha – what is it?

Known as the ‘Immortal Health Elixir’ by the Chinese, Kombucha has recently taken the wellness world by storm. Even though, it has been around for more than 2,000 years! While many people live by drinking kombucha, many people out there still don’t know what it really is and what the benefits are of drinking kombucha. So we are here to help! Let’s see just what kombucha is exactly and explain some of the tremendous health benefits the fizzy drink contains.

Kombucha is a fermented beverage made from black tea and sugar. As mentioned above, even though it is seriously making waves as the latest health drink, kombucha has been around in the Eastern world for a long (LONG) time. In China it was normally drank to fight inflammation issues like arthritis and was thought to ward off cancer. Now, kombucha is seen being used to promote gut-health – we will have another discussion about this soon! – fighting off colds, healing acne and aiding digestive issues.

So why is kombucha all the rage suddenly? Well there are number of benefits that this bubbly drink can offer. The bacteria created in the SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) houses probiotics that are similar to the “good bacteria” naturally found in our digestive system. Kombucha actually contains a few beneficial probiotics – all which work together in a unique way to produce some absolutely amazing health benefits.

benefits of kombucha

Detoxifying –

The liver is one of our body’s main detoxification organs. Kombucha contains a huge capacity to detoxify the body. It is high in glucaric acid, which helps aid the liver in its natural detoxification. This goes hand-in-hand with another benefit of kombucha, which is aiding in healthy gut bacteria and digestion.

Improves digestion –

While research is still be completed, we know that kombucha contains enzymes acids and beneficial probiotics. Moreover, the effects of probiotics on our digestive systems is great. Because it contains live probiotic cultures, kombucha can help to balance our gut with good bacteria. This good bacteria competes with bad bacteria within the gut, which is essential in aiding digestive health and our overall health.

Energy boosting –

Kombucha has been known to give people a nice energy boost. This is due to the formation of iron that is released from the black tea during the fermentation process. The bubbly drink also contains small amounts of caffeine and B vitamins, which both naturally energize.

This health beverage is also a much better option compared to soda. While soda may give you an energy boost, you will normally feel a huge crash a little later from the high amounts of sugar found in soda. Kombucha, on the other hand, contains much less sugar than soda. In addition, the fermentation process is what creates natural carbonation – whereas sodas are artificially carbonated.

Strengthens immune system –

Research shows that a powerful antioxidant has been discovered during the kombucha fermentation process that isn’t present in black tea alone. Antioxidants found in kombucha have been effective at combatting free radicals, which provides support to the immune system. In addition to antioxidants, probiotics and vitamin C seem to be secrets in protecting our immune systems from cell damage, inflammation and overall breaking down of our immune systems.

Supports joint care –

Have joint damage? Kombucha may help. It is loaded with glucosamines, preserving collagen and preventing arthritic pain. Collagen is the vital building block of our bodies – from skin and nails, to bones and joints. Just as it supports joint collagen, you can also see the effects of collagen in your entire body. This means potentially minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, improving sleep and seeing strengthened hair, skin and nails.

Cancer prevention –

Kombucha can be beneficial for cancer prevention too! Studies found consuming gluaric acid – found in kombucha – reduce the risk of cancer. Supposedly, President Reagan drank a kombucha a day to battle stomach cancer!

Weight loss –

There is evidence that kombucha can help increase metabolism and aid in weight loss. While there needs to be more research to confirm this, we can derive this information since kombucha is high in acetic acid (like ACV) and polyphenols, which are both proven to aid in weight loss.

Feel like you want to try kombucha? Stop in the store to grab our new Kombucha slushie made with organic frozen fruits! And as always, let us know what you think in the comments below! Happy ‘booching!