Continuing to prove just how amazing Long Island can be, our next local spotlight highlights Coastal Craft Kombucha! Now available both in bottles and on tap behind our deli counter, these brews are making a name for themselves in the ‘buch game.

Coastal Craft originated in 2012 with their ‘Behind the Bed Booch’ – a fun way of saying small-batch, home-brewed kombucha. By 2015 their official, ‘Downright Delicious Kombucha’ found a home at a brewery location out in Oceanside, NY.

From home batches to brewery tastings, Coastal Craft uses all organic ingredients in their tea blends and fresh pressed juices, creating some truly unique flavors. But, why kombucha? the answer was simple to the Coastal Craft founders – they want to live their healthiest lives, while still enjoying as much flavor and excitement as possible. These drinks help them do just that and hope that they will for all of you, too!

If you haven’t gotten on the ‘buch train yet and are still scratching your head as to why you see it everywhere, here’s some quick info:

What is KomBucha?

Kombucha is a fermented drink, traditionally made from tea, sugar, water and a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). It is naturally carbonated, a bit tangy, and provides some great health benefits.

What are The health benefits?

Probiotics – Kombucha is fermented which means it contains natural probiotics that aid digestive health and your immune system.

Vitamins – Rich in naturally forming vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins, which can provide a great energy boost.

Antioxidants and Enzymes – These will support overall health and wellbeing, giving your body that extra support when you need it.

Kombucha is also pretty low in calories, and can provide a healthy alternative for when you’re looking to cut out sugary drinks or alcohol.

So, the next time you’re looking to excite your tastebuds and try something a bit different, pick up a bottle of Coastal Craft Kombucha or try some from our tap. Either way, we’re sure you’ll love this local company just as much as we do!