We all know there’s nothing like a warm, smooth cup of coffee in the morning. While many people enjoy this beverage every single day, few put thought into how exactly it made it to their local store.  What you may not expect is that the coffee industry is a bit of a messy one.

Several issues are prevalent such as unfair labor conditions or environmental problems like deforestation, pollution and destroying animal’s natural habitats. Production and manufacturing issues are also an ongoing occurrence, and consumers are not always aware that not every product is as pure as it claims. Fillers, additives, synthetics, artificial ingredients and flavoring – conventional coffee is a bit of an unknown playing field.

This brings us to highlight another local company making a difference in this shaky industry – Tend Coffee. Founded in 2011 in nearby Shirley, NY, this company produces certified organic and fair trade coffee that showcase what this beverage is truly about. Tend (v) means to care for and look after – they chose this name for good reason. Tend represents their commitment to caring for this disrupted industry; they seek to do everything in their power to support sustainable cultivating and provide nothing but the purest product available.

All of Tend’s coffee is completely natural, with no flavoring agents or synthetics and is made of 100% Organic Arabica Coffee beans. They offer single origin coffee and organic blends for various flavor profiles. But, their charismatic efforts don’t stop at their products – as a local company they believe it’s important to support their community and the people living in it. They make it clear that people, not robots, are responsible for these amazing brews and seek to provide opportunities to the community in every way possible.

Currently Tend Coffee has 3 locations, with cafes in Shirley and Holbrook serving up their organic brews and specialty drinks. They also have a roastery in Shirley that is available for tastings and training. Cornucopia has a selection of Tend’s blends available for purchase. So, whether you’re looking for a quick pick me up or a bag to bring home, Tend is definitely a brand to keep in mind. Coffee that is as delicious as it is sustainable, trustworthy and benevolent – that’s something we can back. Long Island is home to some of the best businesses, all you have to do is look!