July is trending as #plasticfreejuly – a month dedicated to making better choices to reduce our plastic waste each day. We are more than excited to join in on this challenge, and hope you do too! Reducing your plastic doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. In fact, we have a few easy ways to get started:

Coffee lover?

  • Bring your own reusable coffee mug to your favorite coffee shop. Many disposable coffee cups are difficult to compost and recycle. Plus, bringing your own mug will keep your hot coffee toasty warm and your iced lattes cold for longer. 

reusable water bottles

Stay hydrated in the summer heat
  • We know that having water on hand is important to staying cool and hydrated as the temperatures continue to rise. Instead of grabbing for a plastic water bottle, simply bring your own! We even have reusable water bottles for purchase at our Cornucopia Corner to make going plastic-free as easy as possible!

Bring your own bags to shop

  • This is such a simple way to reduce your plastic use. And we can help! If you opt out of receiving paper receipts at checkout, we will give you a reusable shopping tote bag! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Say no to straws!

  • We see this trend all over right now. While you may be thinking, “it’s just one straw”, the impact of everyone thinking the same thing is detrimental to our environment. Let’s shift the mindset! Refusing straws at your favorite to-go food spots and coffee shops helps keep plastic out of our environment — a huge impact as these items NEVER fully break down. 

Releasing balloons

what goes up must come down
  • It’s best to avoid releasing balloons at graduations, birthdays or any other celebrations so they don’t end up in the water and mistaken as a snack for the fishies and turtles

However you decide to go #plasticfree, we want to see! Share a photo and tag Cornucopia, and we’ll be sharing our favorite throughout the month on social media! We can’t wait to see how you are making this month #plasticfreejuly!