There’s so many health drinks trending right now – tonics, smoothies, “shots”, kombucha. But, there’s a classic that occasionally gets lost in the hype – tea. Used for centuries for medicinal purposes, tea is a simple and approachable addition to everyone’s health regime. There’s the foundation of all teas – green tea, white tea, black tea and oolong. All of which contain high levels of antioxidants and health benefits. Today, though, there’s an immense variety of blends that can offer health benefits in just about any area you wish to treat.

Incorporating tea into your daily routine holds the possibility to help with:





Regulating sleep

Boosting energy

Weight loss

Reducing Stress


Brain health (memory, concentration, focus, plus decreased risks of dementia and strokes)

Immune health


Lowering cholesterol


…Need we say more?

Additionally, many people note making a ritual out of tea can enhance their mindset – allowing them to practice mindfulness, remain present and live in the moment. It is an easy way to establish a morning or night routine that can center your being, while improving your health. Brewing tea is also a lot less complicated than concocting a multiple-ingredient tonic or smoothie, for most. Drinking herbal blends are a great way to receive benefits from a variety of plants at once, whereas making sure to consume them separately may be difficult.

The wide array of benefits shows just how many teas there must be, and that’s why we believe there really is a tea for everyone. One of our favorites at Cornucopia is Organic India’s Holy Basil/Tulsi tea. Holy Basil is a great adaptogen that is a sacred herb in India and utilized heavily in Ayurvedic practices; it works wonders for promoting physical and mental well-being as well as protecting the body from the negative effects of stress. Organic India’s line features blends,though, that give their teas each individual benefits in addition to that of holy basil – such as the Lemon Ginger blend that helps with digestion.

If looking for a wider, more self-explanatory variety, we’re partial to Yogi teas. No matter the occasion or ailment, Yogi most likely has a tea to help. Some of our favorites are Cold Season which is perfect for this time of year , the Detox varieties that are effective without being too harsh on the system and their new Blackberry Moringa Green Tea which is an antioxidant powerhouse. Plus, who doesn’t love their “tea fortunes” on every bag. A positive affirmation or mantra never hurt anyone in our regards, and in addition to the tea can enhance the mindfulness in your daily ritual.

Not sure where to start with so many choices? Stop by the store and one our employees will be happy to help you find the perfect tea for your individual lifestyle, health concern and flavor preferences. We are certain you’ll stumble upon at least one that you won’t want to stop sipping!