Would you believe us if we told you we have a recipe that is fit for breakfast, lunch AND dinner? Well, you better believe it!

Shakshuka (shack-shoo-ka) is a typical North African and Middle Eastern dish enjoyed by the masses all day long. And we now understand why. It’s filled to the brim with nutritional goodness from tomatoes and eggs, and also typically involves cooking with less than 10 ingredients. This also makes shakshuka a budget-friendly meal to make when you don’t want to spend much but still want to have a filling and delicious meal.

As we just mentioned, this dish is typically made by poaching eggs in a spicy tomato sauce. That’s done by cooking down tomatoes and spices, and then making little pockets for your eggs to cook in. Ready in about 40 minutes, it’s definitely a dish worth trying. This meal is meant to be shared around the table with everyone, so we think it’s perfect as a brunch idea or family meal. So grab your loved ones and get cooking!


2 tbsp. olive oil (or any paleo-friendly oil you like!)

6 cloves garlic, diced

1 jalapeño, seeds removed, sliced (optional)

8 medium ripe tomatoes, diced

Cumin, to taste

Paprika, to taste

1 tbsp. tomato paste

6 eggs

Flat leaf parsley, for garnish



Get ready for the perfect dish for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. You can find all of the information for making this here.