Lynne Dougherty started Cornucopia back in 1976 out of need. In the 1970s she was plagued by multiple indistinct health issues. After seeing many doctors who could not find the cause, she found a holistic doctor who did. Slowly, she regained her health by changing her diet and taking supplements.

Shopping in different local health foods stores gave her the idea to open one in her own neighborhood of Sayville, New York. Her husband built the shelves and she filled them. The store was well received, the business grew, moved twice, and landed in Sayville Plaza where Cornucopia makes its home today. The store has become a community place where friends are made. Like-minded people enjoy each other’s company as they exchange ideas over lunch in the deli. It’s a safe place for those of us who live outside the box.

Over the years, Cornucopia has become a family affair. Lynne’s son, Jonathan is now the owner, and her daughter Michelle and some of the grandchildren play big roles in running the store.

Today, when you shop at the store you might very well have your groceries rung up by one of the grandchildren, or even see the great grandchildren running through the aisles. Lynne is grateful for her store’s success, lessons learned, friendships made, loyal employees and having the opportunity to live her passion of helping others live a healthy lifestyle.

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