A cup of coffee in the morning is a ritual many take part in. Throughout many locations and amongst various ages, this caffeinated beverage holds a sense of commonality and unity. However, if focusing on the health-related opinions of the drink, you may find yourself confused with the variety of beliefs regarding how coffee affects your health. Some studies show it in a positive light and highlight its benefits, while others warn to avoid it completely. With no definite answer, though, we’re simply going to focus on enjoying our coffee and how we can make it even better for us with one of these “boosters”. Scroll down to see all the ways you can amp up your coffee game tomorrow morning.


Bulletproof Coffee

Grass-fed Butter, Ghee, MCT oil + Coconut Oil as an alternative

The founder of Bulletproof Coffee recommends 1-2 Tbsp of grass-fed butter or Ghee plus 1-3 Tbsp of high-quality MCT oil (coconut-derived oil, stands for Medium-chain Triglycerides) blended into french-pressed coffee. If you’re dairy free, replace the butter with coconut oil for similar digestive, anti-inflammatory, and energy results. Including the extra fats here can heighten ketone levels which can benefit your body in many ways – amping your energy, increasing brain speed/function, raising your metabolic rate, and balancing hormone levels, specifically Ghrelin and CCK which control your body’s feelings of hunger and satiety.


Adaptogenic herbs are plants that are used for healing; they help the body adapt and adjust to stressors. Ultimately they aid your body in balancing the relationship of your brain and hormone system, controlled by the HP axis. When this is unbalanced, issues such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems and libido complications can arise. Adding them into your coffee helps start the day off right as well as combat any negative affect caffeine may have on your stress levels.

Ashwagandha: This do-it-all herb can help calm the nervous system, lower anxiety levels, regulate cortisol levels plus boost immunity and thyroid function.

Rhodiola: Most people have coffee to boost their energy, productivity and get themselves going – well Rhodiola increases all that. This herb is great for balancing blood sugar levels, reduce the physical feelings of stress on your body and help you feel more energized overall.

Eluthero: Another multi-purpose herb, Eluthero can improve brain function, endurance, support your immune system and healthy cholesterol levels.

Maca: This superfood is best known to boost energy levels and help balance hormone levels.

+Many More! (This is only a few examples, be sure to stop into Cornucopia and ask which Adaptogen may be best for you!)


If you don’t consume animal products, this one isn’t for you. Collagen is a protein-rich connective tissue related to gelatin that cannot by synthetically made and must come from an animal. While our bodies produce their own Collagen, as we age our natural production levels decrease and more of it is needed. Supplementing it in your diet can improve joint, skin, hair, nails, and even gut health as it can help strengthen and repair muscle tissue. Additionally, most forms of Collagen are best absorbed on an empty stomach – so, if you enjoy your coffee first thing in the am, it is the perfect time to reap the benefits.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Similar to Adaptogens, there are many varieties of mushrooms that have awesome benefits and are easy to add to your coffee. Some cohesive benefits are that they can reduce the acidity of your coffee, support your adrenal glands and up the antioxidant quantity.

Reishi: Helping with many things, Reishi supports your immune system, can improve heart health by lowering LDL cholesterol, soothe the nervous system and overall have a balancing effect within the body.

Chaga: This highly alkaline mushroom can lower inflammation, balance the acidic effects of coffee and is very grounding which can help with feelings of anxiety or stress.

Cordyceps: These can boost energy levels at a cellular level which can help with anything from fertility to athletic performance, can up oxygen intake and aid in liver and kidney function.

Lion’s Mane: Regenerates the nervous system by stimulating the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and can influence brain health by enhancing both memory and concentration.

Spices and herbs

Adding spices or herbs into your coffee grinds (before brewing) such as Cardamom, Cinnamon and Cloves, can help with antioxidant uptake, digestion, blood sugar stability and metabolism. They also add a slight flavor to the coffee and can result in a naturally sweeter brew. Start by adding one at a time to gain a preference on taste and effects.

Healthier Alternatives

If adding all these unusual things is too much and disrupts your image of your typical morning ritual, making some healthy switches is still beneficial way to make the most of your drink. Some ideas are:

Natural Sweeteners: Ditching the white sugar or artificial sweeteners for something more wholesome such as manuka honey, stevia if your taste buds like it or organic coconut sugar.

Organic or Non-Dairy Milk: Conventional dairy is ridden with antibiotics and added hormones, so if you’re going to drink it everyday make sure to get organic and additive-free milk. Alternatively there’s so many new non-dairy milks that can obtain the creaminess you desire, try coconut milk or cashew milk for example.

Organic and Natural Creamer: Many people love their all-in-one (milk, flavor, sugar) combination they get from their coffee creamer. There’s even a healthy alternative for that now, Laird Superfood Creamers. Using ingredients such as organic coconut milk powder, coconut nectar and coconut oil with superfood boosters like cacao or turmeric, these creamers set a whole new bar for an all-in-one product. Stop by Cornucopia if you’d like to give one a try, they’re located in the “New Products” section of the store!