To continue our Pre/Post Workout Nutrition Series, we talked to our now “World Champion” sponsored athlete, Kyle Watkins, also known as “The Rolling Rev”, who is a Mixed Martial artist specializing in Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With 23 years of training under his belt(s), starting at the age of 8,  Kyle has learned to adapt his external lifestyle to maximize his performance during both training and competitions. To enhance his performance, Kyle also weight lifts for the purpose of improving strength, conditioning and agility while sparring. He explained that over the years:

“The best habit I was able to learn was the ‘lifestyle’ habits of being a martial artist. I learned that martial arts wasn’t just about great technique and skill, but it also had much to do with predictable positive behavior on a daily basis. Habits such as healthy eating, drinking and sleeping were the three primary areas that stood out to me the most.”


Kyle is a huge believer in consuming natural, wholesome foods that provide him with the true nourishment he needs to feel and be his best (hence why he fits in so well here at Cornucopia). While majority of the time his diet is not always “fun”, this is what helps fuel his body to perform at optimum levels – his new World Champion title proves this. “I am on a very strict diet as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor where I eat very little to no carbs such as heavy pastas and rice. However, I do eat quinoa, gluten free pasta and fruit for energy and longevity for performance purposes. My diet includes a lot of green leafy vegetables and foods that are high in fiber and protein. Again, this is all for the purpose of performance.”



Typical Pre-Workout:

“My typical pre-workout meal includes a fresh fruit smoothie containing oranges, spinach, and mixed berries and a handful of almonds and coconut. I also incorporate a pre-workout supplement. I like doing things this way because I don’t enjoy training on a full stomach and I give my body just enough so I don’t feel too full when training and sparring.”



Typical Post-Workout:

“As a post-workout I use Vega Sport protein that is full of all the essential needs of a high performance athlete. This supplement is packed with 30 grams of quality protein including probiotics, turmeric, and tart cherry for joint health”


Kyle’s Outlook on Healthy living:

“My personal definition of healthy is: a long-lived, sustained lifestyle that is fueled by natural, clean foods and products that promotes a healthy balance in the body mind and soul”

He definitely believes in the “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” mindset as well, and makes it clear that we all have the power and control to live the way we want to. That as long as we make the proper efforts and steps, whether physical or mental, towards doing so we can achieve a healthy and balanced life. “My best advice to staying healthy would be setting a plan and making a goal. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail therefore a schedule, calendar, and set regiment is a must if anyone is going to be successful at dieting. Meal prep is also a great idea along with self-help books that reinforces productive behavior”.

Be sure to check out Kyle on his instagram (@rolling_revrun) for daily motivation, healthy food pics, and more!