Miso paste is usually one of two things – a staple in your pantry or an ingredient you know of but never ventured out to buy. We sell a huge variety of miso paste at Cornucopia, and one of our favorite brands, Miso master, is on sale this month! So, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to FINALLY buy some right now is the perfect time.

What is miso? To keep things simple, miso is the combination of soybeans and a grain (rice, barley etc.) that when combined with koji (a mold from the like) ferments into a salty, umami-rich paste. Just a little bit of this stuff can add immense depth and flavor to any dish.

There’s many ways to use up your tub of miso, like in soup, a salad or even in baking. However, we opted to let it shine through in a traditional fish glaze. Using organic, wild, sustainable salmon as our protein of choice this combo melts in your mouth. The fatty fish, salty miso, and sweet honey all come together in harmony. There’s no refined sugars here though, and by using white miso this recipe stays gluten free!

Even though the miso is the star in this recipe, the salmon shouldn’t be overlooked! Eating sustainably sourced fish is SO important and that’s why we’re excited that Henry and Lisa’s Natural Salmon is on sale this month, too! Let’s take a quick look at this brand’s products and efforts:

  • Carbon FootprintOne of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to work as locally as possible. They work with local fisheries and facilities to ensure that everything is packaged right where the fish are caught, reducing transportation costs and emissions.
  • Sustainably Caught: Like tuna, sustainably caught salmon is important for labor, wildlife and consumers. Henry and Lisa’s works diligently with an independent Seafood Advisory Board to make sure all their products are meeting rigorous catching standards. They’re also particular with their fishing locations.
  • Seafood Safe: Henry and Lisa’s takes it one step further to be transparent about their products. They work directly with Seafood Safe – an independent organization focused on testing for mercury and PCBs in seafood.

Now, let’s get cooking!

With only a handful of ingredients, and a marinade easily made ahead-of-time, this dish is a no brainer to add to your weekly dinners. Stop in the store to get your hands on these items soon while they’re on sale this month! If you do enjoy this recipe be sure to let us know on social media.

Note: If fish-free this recipe can easily be used on your favorite protein of choice (tempeh, tofu, and chicken would all be great substitutes!)

Serves: 2

Prep Time: 10 mins (+marinading time)    Cook Time: 15 mins


2 Henry and Lisa’s Salmon fillets

2 tbsp Miso Master white miso paste

1 tsp grated ginger

1 tbsp honey

2 tbsp tamari (GF soy sauce)

2 tbsp rice vinegar

Sesame seeds, optional

Sliced scallions to serve, optional


  1. Let salmon fillets defrost in fridge overnight. Pat them dry once completely defrosted.
  2. Combine the miso paste, grated ginger, honey, tamari and mirin in a small bowl. Whisk together then place salmon in marinade.
  3. Marinate the salmon for at least 30 mins up to 2 hours.
  4. Place salmon on a lined baking tray, reserving the rest of the marinade.
  5. Broil the salmon on high for 5-10 mins, then flip over, brush with more marinade and broil again for an additional 3-5 mins.
  6. If desired, reduce the remaining marinade on the stove over low heat to form a thickened glaze. Top the salmon with the glaze, sesame seeds and scallions if using. Serve alongside  vegetables (eggplant works GREAT with the miso marinade) and rice then dig in!